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The soundtrack of The Book of Boba Fett episodes "Chapter 1: Stranger in a Strange Land," "Chapter 2: The Tribes of Tatooine," "Chapter 3: The Streets of Mos Espa," and "Chapter 4: The Gathering Storm" was released digitally on January 21, 2022. It was composed by Joseph Shirley and Ludwig Göransson. Rebirth - 3:16 The Stranger - 3:01 Normal Day at the Office - 2:41 Fear. Boba Fett: A Practical Man is an e-novella by Karen Traviss, which was published online in Ebook format in August 2006 by Del Rey Books. It focuses on what led Boba Fett and the Mandalorians to fend off the Yuuzhan Vong invaders during the devastating Yuuzhan Vong War. The eBook contains an additional 3-page preview of Legacy of the Force: Betrayal, a 4-page preview of Legacy of the Force.
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